The iPhone Coffee Table

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What would be better than an iPhone? An iPhone Nano or a giant iPhone? Needless to say that a giant iPhone would be pretty useless, unless it’s used as a product display for some manner. How about an iPhone coffee table then?

This iPhone coffee table was made by iLoungers Tuan Nguyen, Ken Thomas and their associates. They were inspired by another coffee table based around an iPod that was made before by other iLoungers. We have to say that this table does look pretty slick.

The table itself is made out of corrugated cardboard and glued together with white glue. It features removable coasters that are shaped like the iPhone icons. That’s just perfect. The icons are square and you can remove a stack of them from the icons. We think that this is a great idea. The only question is, when can we buy one. Like most projects, we’re pretty sure that something like this won’t get fabricated anytime soon.

So, all that remains is for people to make their own. We like that corrugated cardboard was used as well. It’s amazing how many things can be made out of cardboard without being temporary. Corrugated cardboard is a really tough material and is easy to shape. We think that it’s great. [via iLounge]