The Kattbank

updated May 11, 2019
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Kitty litter in the home is a hot button issue. In our contest, as well as in our emailing with cat owners, the stink of the kitty litter combined with the heinous styling of most bins has garnered the most commentary. Dogs are so much *easier* ;-).

Kattbank was created to solve all these problems. Made of lacquered wood and durable hardware, the Kattbank is designed to look like an attractive modern bench, while it luxuriously hides the litter box et al inside. Easy to clean with a flip up lid, it “is cleverly vented to provide adequate airflow for the cat’s health, yet does not give up any offending odors.” T-rrific!

Problems? The only one that we can see is that at a starting price of $1,750, this baby is not an impulse buy. Or is it. Kattbank advertises that you can “buy one…or two.” If you really love your cat and your home, what’s to stop you?