Converting an IKEA Kitchen Cart Into a Computer Desk

Converting an IKEA Kitchen Cart Into a Computer Desk

Range Govindan
Mar 23, 2012

Next time you're at IKEA looking for a desk solution, consider wandering into the Kitchen department, where there are several items which can be tweaked and customized quite easily for home office duty. The desk above didn't start as a desk at all, comprised of two kitchen carts and a kitchen countertop...

Carlos B. from Southern California was searching for a new desk. He decided to get something from IKEA, but couldn't find anything in the size he needed. Unlike most users, he was looking for a larger desk. He spotted the Numerar counter top that measured 72 × 40", which was perfectly sized.

He decided to hack together a huge desk using two IKEA Bekvam kitchen carts. They also added extra shelving to stash peripherals, books, and computer gear. Without modifications, the resulting desk would be about 4.5 feet off the ground, which is a bit high for a normal desk.

1. Cut the length of the kitchen cart legs with wheels.
2. Each cart should be about 3 feet apart from each other.
3. Once the counter top is placed on the kitchen carts, they need to be secured using simple screws. A non-slip surface could also work well, Carlos didn't use any, and he reports that his desk works fine without, but we'd like to secure it a bit further.

Here's a similar IKEA hack using a kitchen countertop project for a custom size expansive home office work surface.

To make the workstation a bit more streamlined, we'd probably hide the PC tower under the desk, by trying to hack one of the kitchen carts to act as a shelf for it. That would also keep the wires off the top of the desk. Finally, the 30" Dell monitor could also be placed on an articulated arm, further freeing up the desk's surface, allowing the whole setup to be more versatile.

- PC Intel 4.75GHz, 16GB Patriot Viper, Sapphier 6990, Patriot Inferion 240 GB SSD, 6TB of internal storage, 3TB storage in external HDs.
- MacBook Pro 17 2011, Intel i7 quad 2.2 GHz, 8GB RAM.
- Dell U3011 monitor
- Sony Bravia 46" LED TV.

(via Ikeahackers, images by Carlos B.)

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