The Kitchen: New Miele Speed Oven

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The new Miele Speed Oven might just be the perfect oven for speedy New Yorkers and those of us who put a premium on being able to do many things in one small space (it’s only 24″ wide).

This zippy little machine is essentially two ovens in one: there is a microwave function and a convection function. One minute you’re popping popcorn or warming up last night’s dinner, the next you’re roasting a bird or finishing a pie. And if you’re big into microwaving, you might like to know that you can zap foil takeout containers without creating sparks.

We’re a little wary of microwaves in general, but can see how this machine would be a great find for the right popcorn popping, pie finishing kind of household.

All this convenience comes at a price: Chelsea Fine Custom Kitchens has it for $2,599 (For other dealers check the Miele website).

[via The New York Times]