The Kitchens of Tomorrow We Want Today!

The Kitchens of Tomorrow We Want Today!

Joel Pirela
Aug 16, 2010

The modern kitchen has evolved from a corner in the home, to be the center of an entertainment area, with an array of technologies that help illuminate efficiently, access the internet and keep us entertained/informed while we're putting in time behind the burners. We have some interesting examples of concepts of what a future kitchen may look like (many technologies are just on the horizon), envisioned by designers.

This was an entry for an Electrolux contest, designed by Mathew Gilbride. All the appliances are in one place and hanging from the wall. The whole unit serves as a big shelf and includes refrigerator, air conditioner, lighting and the cooking modules. We can't see any convection oven, but maybe that's taken care via microwaves.

Modular structures and panels meaning that you can mix, match and built your own depending on your needs. He goes on suggesting power management thru the wall (like those cellphones pad chargers), solid state light source, solar collection and display capabilities.

Another concept comes from the minds at Ensci, with a slider top and pretty good for multi-tasking. The design was previously noted as an excellent example of maximizing utility versus space, housing just about anything and everything someone cooking might need during preparation of a meal inside a modest footprint.

Then we have this concept designed by Fevzi Karaman with slider tables and panels to expose appliances when they are only needed. Add some virtual countertops, and we're sold on the idea.

These just a couple of conceptual executions we can see happening in the next 10 years, maybe not the same form and function but the modularity and convenience to be custom tailor to every need. What do you want in your kitchen of tomorrow?

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