The Kotatsu Work Table

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Designed with an original kotatsu or Japanese low family table in mind, this version by
Kaiju Studios is manufactured by Herman Miller and is meant for desk use. Sort of like a working coffee table, a group can comfortably sit around, place cups and work on the lower level and allow pens to slip into the middle depression. $1,470 through

Kaiju Studios designed the Kotatsu Work Table as a relaxed yet functional focal point for collaborative work. A member of Herman Miller’s new Intersect Portfolio, the table’s inspiration is pulled from the traditional Japanese kotatsu, a low table that families gather around for eating, working, playing and keeping warm. The table’s lower height instructively suggests an informal gathering, which is often conducive to collaborative group work. Details such as a large, uninterrupted surface for spreading work out on and a lower shelf for keeping coffee safe from spills cater to the task at hand.