The Last Taboo: Tossing Books

The Last Taboo: Tossing Books

Abby Stone
Aug 10, 2009

081009-books-1.jpgWe've been trying to clear out the books in our house; coincidentally we came across an article that asked, if you're not enjoying them, why finish the books you start. But of course! And then we stopped. Hmmm...what is it about books? We can barely bring ourselves to get rid of the ones we've finished, let alone the piles of "someday we'll get around to it" or "I really should read that." While we've become good at detaching from things in our home, with the help of our trusty outbox, we still have a hard time when it comes to books...

Putting down a book I've started or tossing books I've read or know I'll never get around to is a habit that I'm trying to cultivate. But it goes against everything that's been instilled in me since I was a kid. But I need the space! So I begin slowly: I use the library instead of buying books; I donate books I've read or know I'll never read to the library (I can always check them out if we get a sudden urge to go back to it, right?); I leave books in doctor's offices for others to pick up or exchange books with friends or give them to someone I know will love them. I mean the motto about everything in your home being beautiful or useful should apply to books too, right? Slowly the piles are dwindling, the shelves are breathing again and I feel a lot less guilt.

What about you? Do you keep books or toss them?

[image: zimpenfish's Flickr, with a Creative Commons License]

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