The Latest Web Streaming Victim: TV Porn

The Latest Web Streaming Victim: TV Porn

Taryn Williford
Aug 9, 2011

New technologies always drive out old ones. CD sales are slipping thanks to digital music downloads. TV ownership is down for the first time in 20 years due to the rise of video streaming on the web. The latest casualty of the web generation? Cable and satellite porn.

Adult video-on-demand and pay-per-view services used to be cash cows for cable and satellite providers. But now that there's—ahem—a freaking ton of free adult entertainment to be had on the web, those same providers are seeing their smutty cash flow come to a halt.


The decline in adult viewing is one of the largest segments responsible for an overall drop of profits for cable and satellite providers, according to the Wall Street Journal:

"On Thursday, satellite provider DirecTV cited "lower adult buys" as a cause for weaker pay-per-view revenue in its second quarter earnings. That followed Time Warner Cable Inc.'s admission last week that shrinkage in the adult category was responsible for more than a third of a $14 million drop in video-on-demand revenue."

This drop in pay porn viewing is thanks to, of course, a rise in consumers' viewing of free online adult content. People are visiting adult sites more (ten of the top adult video sites have seen their page views quadruple since 2008) and staying longer—an average visit of eight minutes and 35 seconds, thanks Experian!

The Future of TV

Vivid Entertainment co-chairman and co-owner Bill Asher thinks that in order to compete, cable providers are going to have to come up with unique adult content and not "slug it out with cheap porn on the Internet."

Get ready for Barely Legal Ninja Pirates on Ice, y'all!

Want to share your thoughts on the topic? Have you noticed your own adult viewing habits shifting to free online content? Are you looking forward to the new unique content that may be coming your way from in-the-red cable providers? Tell us in the comments!

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(Images: Flickr member Travis Isaacs licensed for use under Creative Commons, Wall Street Journal/SNL Kagan)

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