The Lego Anti-Bunting Alternative

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Although we love it dearly, we’ve been on the lookout for bunting alternatives. Sure it makes any party pretty, but these days it seems that it’s making every party pretty and we find ourselves in a sea of triangles! Gah! This party mom opted for squares rectangles instead and it’s a much welcomes choice!

We love this wall of paper Legos that was created for Owen’s 6th birthday party bash. There were all sorts of Lego themed games, toys and ideas to be had, but we are quite smitten with the paper Lego wall that made for such a picturesque place for birthday boy photos.

Bunting makes a big impact with a small amount of money over a large space and the paper Legos accomplished the same thing without the sea of triangles! Check out more on this precious party over at Delia Creates.

(Image: Delia Creates)