The Lighter Side of Personal Safety: Apps that Make SMS Safer

The Lighter Side of Personal Safety: Apps that Make SMS Safer

Jeff Heaton
Feb 14, 2012

Last week we posted about some useful safety apps for your phone. As we mentioned, while they won't take care of everything they can certainly help out. One area we didn't cover is the danger of texting on the go. Sure it's no shark diving, base jumping or night on the town with Snooki, but it has its inherent hazards. Here are some apps to help protect you and your loved ones, from the uncertainty and perils of a dangerous, word-filled world.

Type-n-Walk (iOS | $)
One second you're writing an impassioned love text to that hottie you met last night, the next you're plastered on the front of a Grayhound. For those that can't put their phone down texting and walking is akin to walking and breathing, but with all your focus on that imporant SMS you're left with none for things like crossing the street and avoiding bike messengers. Type-n-Walk solves that by making the background of your phone a live feed from its camera that you can type over and copy and paste from. SMS addicts rejoice (and live to text another day)!

Textecution (Android | $29.99)
We're not sure why so many text and drive. It seems relatively sensical that attempting to write a novella while staying alert enough to avoid children falling in the street, people who run red lights and that jerk who can't decide which of the four lanes are his so he's swerving like Kyle Petty at Daytona is nigh impossible. Textecution elminates the temptation entirely by detecting when your phone is moving faster than 10 mph and shutting off the phone's texting feature. Texctecution would work well for kids, employees with company phones, or even for yourself if the temptation is too much.

Don't Dial (iOS | $.99)
Like a DD for your phone, Don't Dial will help save you from social disaster by locking down your contacts for a certain period of time. You can still dial numbers so if you know a number by heart you can use it, which good because you've probably memorized the number for 911 and electronic contact lists mean we can't remember more than a couple numbers. Contacts can also be unlocked by a DD who sets the password for this phone lockdown. It's the buddy system for drunk dialing.

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