The Live Lightly Tour

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This is really fun. As children this is exactly the sort of thing we dreamed about — that our parents would take us traveling across the U.S. in an RV, like some sort of modern day Huck Finns.

Of course, unlike the Janssens, we never imagined our RV would run on vegetable oil back then.

The Live Lightly Tour appears to be a sort of sustainable family road trip experiment. Like Road Rules meets Living with Ed?

Essentially, Sara and Matt Janssen believe in living small and living sustainably, and they want to share their thoughts about all of it with the entire country. So they’ve given up the lease on their apartment, sold most of their stuff and moved their family (which includes 3-year-old daughter Bella) into and RV to travel the country … and sell Shaklee products.

Although their journey won’t be televised (a serious shame) — the Janssens are keeping a blog and will be stopping at various locations throughout the U.S. between now and next summer.

They have some fantastic photo albums up on Flickr already (from the looks of it, they’re currently somewhere in the Midwest).

We’ll definitely be following their progress and hope to pick up some tips from their journey. We’re looking forward to their California stop already.

Via: Plenty