The Lives of Teenagers...As Seen in their Bedroom Decor

The Lives of Teenagers...As Seen in their Bedroom Decor

Jason Loper
Sep 22, 2011

I spent about an hour scrolling through a blog where folks submit their teenage bedroom photos, past and present. Besides being aghast at the messiness, it was like taking a time machine back to my own teen years, when my bedroom was my first home in which to express my budding individuality…

I don't even remember how I got linked to Teenage Bedroom (gotta love the randomness of the internet!) but once I landed there, I was hooked. It's been an entire lifetime since I was a teenager and, honestly, I had forgotten what a teenager's room could be like. Beyond the decor, looking through the photos on Teenage Bedroom are a reminder of those teen years, when your bedroom is own private world and you can do just about anything you want with it. Usually that means lining the walls for some reason.

My own teenage bedroom walls were lined with posters of early 90s pop singers and the rest was a mish-mosh of my love of hippies (lava lamps, incense burners) and music (piles of albums and a GIANT vintage radio cabinet that had so much bass it would make the entire 2nd floor of the house shake - sorry Mom and Dad). And in the corner sat my trusty desk, with my word processor set up (remember those?). I sat at the desk for hours pouring everything out in journals and writing short stories. (Hmm, foreshadowing of my adult life?) I was always the neatnik in my family so my bedroom was actually the cleanest room in the house, with everything neatly folded and put away. Sadly, no photos exist of my old room so I'll live vicariously through others' rooms.

Check out the spaces and maybe even take a walk down your own memory lane at Teenage Bedroom.

Images: Teenage Bedroom

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