The Making of a Spectacularly Epic Workspace Photo

The Making of a Spectacularly Epic Workspace Photo

Taryn Williford
Nov 9, 2011

Luckily for us in the shelter blog buisness, it's not rare to find beautiful photos of tricked-out home office spaces. Photography, whether as a profession or a prosumer hobby, seems to be a big interest for many folks who keep stylish and hi-tech workspaces. In this photo, we get a glimpse at the workspace of one photographer and blogger—plus the specs and details of how he set up and produced this awesome shot.

Clint Louish, a photographer and web developer, shows off his workspace on Flickr with a cleverly stitched together shot. While it's not representative of the room as a whole—just look at how different the space looks in the two photos in this post—it does an impressive job of capturing the multi-tasking workflow of somebody with three 30" Dell monitors (plus an 11" MacBook Air!).

Producing this shot wasn't easy. Louish details the 3½ hour shoot—really!—on Flickr:

Wow.. where to begin with this one. This one took 3 1/2 hours, start to finish.

1st hour: Setting up light stands and camera boom.
2nd hour: Not liking the way the photo was coming out, and changing the camera angle until I liked the photo.
3rd hour: Changing light levels and light positions until I liked the result.
Last half hour: Merging 3 photos in Photoshop.

There actually wasn't much color editing in this photo. Just merging the 3 photos in Photoshop, took about 20 minutes.

He goes on to list a bunch of the equipment he grabbed for this shoot—including four lights with blue gels, a 15mm fisheye lens, a RadioPopper flash trigger and few different stands and boom arms—and the ways he put them to use. If you're interested in the details like his apeture and exposure time, check out his post on Flickr.

(Images: Flickr member Louish Pixels [1, 2] under license from Creative Commons)

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