The Meat Conversation: How Does Yours Go?

The Meat Conversation: How Does Yours Go?

Amber Byfield
Jan 6, 2010

Water cooler talk at the office yesterday fell upon an interesting topic: meat eating. I work in an office with many open-minded folks, some of whom, like me, have outspoken qualms with today's food system. Here's how that conversation went:

One colleague mentioned that she watched Food, Inc. the night before and was greatly disturbed by what she saw. Another mentioned he'd seen Michael Pollan on The Daily Show. Yet another asked about my decision to go vegetarian.

It was enlightening and exciting to hear people so interested this topic—especially because people who hadn't previously joined in were doing just that.

Which got me to thinking: Are conversations like this happening all over the place?

I sure hope they are; office talks have helped encourage one coworker to buy more organics at the store, and another to stop buying meat products from one huge company.

The more we talk about food, the more I'm understanding that nobody has a problem with eating safer, more sustainably-raised food (so prosthelytizing isn't something I worry about). People who happen upon these conversations inevitably walk away with a new piece of information, and eventually they'll do something about it. Maybe they choose a more sustainable option next time they're out to eat, or maybe they stop buying cheap chicken and opt instead for the free-range bird.

So, keep up the conversations. Because if there's anything we've learned in the last few months on this food crusade, it's that even a tiny group of folks can make a dent in the way your community eats.

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