The Mechanical Offline Steampunk Blog

The Mechanical Offline Steampunk Blog

Taryn Williford
Mar 2, 2009

Whenever I complain about my frustrations with tech to my parents, they remind me that back in their day, they had to look up information in 28-volume encyclopedias and get up off the couch to change the dial between 12 TV channels (uphill both ways in the snow, apparently). I usually just roll my eyes. But after seeing this display of how hard it was for their generation to blog, I finally get what they've been trying to tell me: The world kinda sucked before the internet.

Over at GreenSteampunk, they've built a mechanical blogging machine with a typewriter and a roll of paper and too it out for a test drive:

I took the wonderful Mechanical Offline Blog to the "January Reshuffle" a the Pearce Institute, Govan (Glasgow Scotland) at the weekend and it was in use by adults and children pretty well constantly from noon to 5pm.

The resulting "blog" is a wonderful formless poetic statement that has a lot of "sakdjfhbIUzdgf" and misspellings going on. Apparently, the buttons on this thing they call a typewriter are a lot more difficult for people to press down on than the laptop keyboards they're used to at home.

My favorite part?

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You can check out the text of the entire blog and more pictures at GreenSteampunk. If you want to build your own, there's actually an Instructables post for you.

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