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The Mighty Dustpan Line: Can We Beat It Together?

updated May 4, 2019
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The dustpan line. We’ve all encountered it: that little bit of dust, crumbs, and dirt that lingers behind when you sweep a pile into the dustpan. Maybe you ignore it and turn away in defeat. Maybe you give it a careless brush into the nether when the job is done. Or maybe you sweep it over and over, watching in hopeless fury as each time a new line appears, parallel to the last, slightly diminished but never quite disappearing.

But there is hope! Here are some things I’ve tried:

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The groove method: In my old house with aged hardwood floors, there are occasional wide gaps between boards. It seems to work to sort of wedge the dustpan down into a wide gap, bringing its surface flush with the surrounding floor and sweeping into it from there. This is limiting, however, as the gaps are few and far between.

Look to the broom: For a long time I put all of the blame for the dustpan line on the dustpan itself. But the broom has an effect, too. A broom with coarse, stiff bristles seems to leave more of a line than one with fine, dense bristles.

Research products: According to reviews on Amazon, these sets seem to do quite well with eliminating the line: OXO Good Grips Little Dustpan and Brush Set, Quickie Mfg. 429

Vacuum instead: Since I have a vacuum that does well on hard floors and rugs, this is my primary way of cleaning the floors. But there will always be that quick sweep-up that leaves me fighting the dustpan line.

What about you? Have you been there? Do you have a solution to share in the comments below? If so, please do chime in and help the Apartment Therapy community!

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