A Minimal Home Office That Won't Cost You A High Price

A Minimal Home Office That Won't Cost You A High Price

Range Govindan
Dec 2, 2010

Minimalism is something we often promote as an ideal, but getting minimalist furniture and goods tends to cost quite a bit of money, ironic considered there's less of "it" to begin with. That's why we were impressed at how affordable this home office was, the most expensive obvious cost being the MacBook Pro. The rest of the home office has a few affordable ideas of how to setup a home office at a modest cost.

This is Matt Z's home office. He's a graphic designer and a coder with a workstation that meets his needs, but keeps everything in order.The great thing about it is that he didn't spend much money on putting his space all together. After his MacBook Pro, the most expensive item was the 20" Apple Cinema Display, which he got for $150 last year. The two desk lamps are from IKEA for $8.99 each. An LED Dioder light strip gives his minimal home office a nice ambient glow. At a touch of a button, these LEDs will change colors.

A TIX LED clock from ThinkGeek ($40) has been placed above his monitor. The clock can light up like a Christmas tree, but contrary to initial impressions, it's easy to read. Each numeral of a digital clock is displayed in its own field. The number of LEDs that are lit up in each field are equivalent to the digit of a clock. The desk was also created with some ingenuity. He simply found a suitable countertop and placed it on top of two pieces of furniture that he already had. We love that this home office was cobbled together, in bits and pieces, but it still manages to look a lot more expensive than the actual cost.

Matt uses Logitech Z4-i speakers on this desk. He's got a LaCie 1TB external hard dive, an Apple Wireless Keyboard, and an Apple Magic Mouse. His mousepad is from MacPadd and it's made out of aluminum, so it matches his setup. He mentions that he might get a Rain mStand for his MacBook Pro. That would be a good choice to dock his MacBook. The wallpaper is quite unique, but Matt says that it was already in his place when he moved in. However, he hung up some of his photos along the wall, to add a nice touch.

[all photos by Matt Z, used by permission]

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