The Minute Glass: A Green Alarm Clock

The Minute Glass: A Green Alarm Clock

Range Govindan
Dec 8, 2008

We all have had problems walking up in the morning, and that snooze button isn't always a good idea. The few extra minutes that we get thanks to snoozing aren't really restful. Alarms and clocks do consume power. What if there was a clock that didn't need any electricity or batteries in order to function? The smartly designed Minute Glass does the trick of waking you up each morning in a novel way.

The Minute Glass' objective is to put you in a good mood and wake you up in a green way. It's powered by magnetic induction which occurs when it's shaken, and therefore requires no batteries or external electricity source in order to function. The Minute Glass incorporates a radio to wake you up to your favorite station's tunes. The really smart feature is that it doesn't stop ringing until you've shaken it enough to generate electricity so that it can function for another full day.

Since there is no snooze button, you have no choice but to rise listening to music or to start shaking it. The Minute Glass isn't connected to any wall, so it can also double as a LED flashlight to help you find your way around at night, when you don't want to disturb anyone.

The design of the Minute Glass, created by Colin Roberts, was derived by inverting a classic hourglass. It has glass on the outside and a solid structure in the inside. The hard edged glass seems to hermetically seal the hourglass shape, with its floral graphic, away from the outside. The cylindrical shape allows it to be set flat or stand on either end.

We think that the Minute Glass is a great concept. You simply have no choice but to get up. There is no way that you can shake the Minute Glass and go back to sleep. Shaking something like this would most definitely wake you up. It's either that or listen to some music, which is also bound to wake you up. This just stops you from using the snooze button one time too many. [via core77]

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