The 6 Most Comfortable Office Chairs

On a recent Spirit Airlines flight, it felt fitting, as I was squirmy and somewhat cramped, to read about the most comfortable seats in the airline’s magazine. Not airplane seats, but office chairs. Like Gregory’s quest for the ideal home office chair, I too was on a mission last year and concluded my search with Herman Miller’s Aeron, happily. This list of six comes from Kevin Costello, president of U.S. Ergonomics:

There’s also some crossover with Unpluggd’s top 6 list

According to U.S. Ergonomics, here are the top chairs for comfort and health:
#1: Steelcase Leap, $850

Also on the list (in no order):
2. Freedom by Humanscale, $1305
3. Acuity by Allsteel, $1250 (covered here by Unpluggd)
4. Life by Knoll, $1240
5. Aeron by Herman Miller, $930
6. Zody by Haworth, $880 (featured here on Re-Nest)