The Most Dangerous Device in Your Home? Video Games

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

No, we’re not going to tell you that your Xbox is rotting your brain and to go outside and read a book. But if a recent letter to the New England Journal of Medicine is to be believed, the super-active Nintendo Wii has caused enough injuries to name some of them.

After a healthy 14-year-old girl fractured her foot playing WiiFit, super-sciencey Karen A. Eley, M.R.C.S.(Ed), of Oxford wrote to the medical journal to bring attention to a host of video-game related injuries dating back as far as 1990:

In 1990, Brasington described “Nintendinitis” in a patient with pain over the extensor tendon of her thumb after 5 hours of playing a Nintendo video game. Nintendo next released the highly popular Wii games console that includes a wireless remote capable of detecting movement in three dimensions. Clinicians began to see patients with “Wiiitis.”

Acute Wiiitis was first diagnosed in a 29-year-old patient in 2007 who woke up with intense shoulder pain the day after he bought a Nintendo Wii—and subsequently played what’s known in the medical world as “a shit ton.”

The only cure for Wiiitis? Abstinence from playing Wii.