The Most Important Step of a Fresh Start

The Most Important Step of a Fresh Start

Tara Bellucci
Jan 3, 2012

My typical January 1 usually starts with a mimosa and/or a hangover, but 2012 is different. Instead, I cleaned my toilet. On the list of Things I Want To Do, scrubbing the commode is just above bathing the cats (and only because the latter ends in bloodshed — mine). So besides being a literal fresh start for my bathroom, why was it important that I spend part of the holiday wielding a toilet brush instead of a champagne flute?

One of my goals of 2012 is to procrastinate less. As I brushed my teeth, the less-than-sparkling bathroom grated on my nerves. I could have put it off, hoping one of my roommates would get to it before me. This time, I didn't. I started. Cleaning took me all of 30 minutes, and I felt much better because of it.

My goals are usually all or nothing: I have a habit of making sweeping, grandiose resolutions and then feeling paralyzed because they become overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable. But the key to getting anything you want is starting, however small or slow.

If one of your goals is to get organized, why not start your own 20/20 Cure? I'm looking to live with what I love in 2012, so I listed some stuff I don't want on the market. Sweeping the floor or getting rid of something unloved could be just little start you need.

What's the first step in your fresh start for 2012?

Image credit: Flickr user cogdogblog, licensed for use by Creative Commons.

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