The Most Inexpensive iPad Stand Of Them All

The Most Inexpensive iPad Stand Of Them All

Sarah Rae Smith
May 26, 2010

When working from the sofa, the favorite napping location for our Boston Terrier is between our legs. After a few pats with paw, almost like knocking to come in, we lift the laptop and he hops up onto the cushion and snuggles down. We set the laptop on top of him and he loves the warmth it gives off, so we were glad to see that we weren't the only ones using our pets as props — no matter how silly it seems!

This cat belonging to Flickr member Veronica Belmont is not unlike our dog in their choosing of locations for a snooze. Although it usually means we're dusting a few more pieces of pet hair off our electronics, it always gives us a slight chuckle when animals try to out do the technology that is capturing your attention. The end result is them always being as close to you as possible while you work, sometimes it's needed companionship, other times you're ready for them to scram!

Do you pets take over your personal space when you're getting your geek on with your tech pieces? Cat takes over your keyboard perhaps? Share your experiences below!

(Image: Flickr member Veronica Belmont licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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