Do You Know the Most Popular Halloween Candy in Your State?

Do You Know the Most Popular Halloween Candy in Your State?

Brittney Morgan
Oct 15, 2017
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Whether sour, sweet or chocolatey, everyone has their own favorite Halloween candy that they either hope to find in their trick-or-treat bag or buy on sale the day after the holiday. But have you ever thought about what the candy trends are like in your state? If you had to guess what the most popular candy is where you live, what do you think it would be? And do you think your favorites match up with the rest of the population?

Bulk candy distributor looked at the last 10 years of their data (from 2007 to 2016) and that of major candy manufacturers to determine which Halloween candies are the most popular in each state. It's all compiled on the interactive map below, which you can use to find your home state's most popular candy—and even how many pounds of it are sold there, if you're curious:

If you live in New York like I do, then the answer is Sour Patch Kids—followed by candy corn and Reese's Cups (all good choices, in my opinion, though they don't necessarily match up with my childhood favorite: Butterfinger bars).

Speaking of candy corn, it won out as the top candy overall—despite the fact that it's a pretty controversial treat (you either love it and look forward to it being candy corn season all year, or you totally hate it, but no one out there seems to be neutral on the subject). It was the most popular candy in 6 states, took second place in 2 states, and came in at third place in 5 states.

Among the other top candies are Tootsie Pops, Snickers, Milky Way and Skittles.

For more info on the candy trends in your state and to see charts that break down the data by candy, head to

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