The Most Valuable Gift – Your Time

The Most Valuable Gift – Your Time

Jenny Butler
Dec 16, 2008

The week before Christmas is always promoted as the busiest week of the year by retailers. But is shopping how you want to spend your most valuable gift, you time? Family, friends, strangers and yourself, click below for some ideas on how you can give something that cost you nothing yet means so much.

Work: We have 3 days until our office closes for 2 weeks and the pressure is on. If your work load permits, offer to help out your colleagues. Even if it is just a cup of coffee the effort is greatly appreciated.

Friends: Do you have some time to have a meal with them and find out how they are? Or 20 minutes to help do those dishes after a party? These little things are what build a friendship and make your friends feel important to you.

Strangers: Local charities and organisations are always looking for more hands to help out with their different programs. While there are programs like helping serve food at your local soup kitchen, maybe there are some people that you are exposed to that could use some company? Maybe that single mum in your building could us a baby sitter for a couple of hours or maybe an elderly gentlemen that would just like someone to chat with over a cup of tea.

Family: Laure's post yesterday How to be Generous with Family is fantastic. Smile, share yourself, ask questions, this post is a must read.

Yourself: Don't forget to give some time to yourself. Spend an evening with yourself, have a bath, do some housework listening to your favourite CD and get some rest. A worn out you is no good to anyone.

Don't forget that while holiday periods are great if you have a solid social network, they can be very lonely and upsetting reminder if you don't. Be generous with your time and give those around you the opportunity to join in with the festivities and feel connected with someone.

How will you be giving your time these holidays?

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