The Moving-In-Together Guide to Decorating Your First Home as a Couple

The Moving-In-Together Guide to Decorating Your First Home as a Couple

Jennifer Hunter
Apr 30, 2015

If you're ready to shack up with your significant other, you need to hear this first. This move should strengthen your relationship, not force you to fight all the time. Try these tips to keep you working as a team, not against each other.

Don't compromise too much

Whaaa? That's right. If you like vintage and your mate loves modern, compromising on all chinoiserie will make exactly no one happy (that's an extreme example but you get the idea). Don't pick something that you both hate just because you also hate the thing in your partner's taste. Instead, try this...

Switch off getting your way

If you do truly have opposite taste, take turns choosing the bigger pieces that will go in your home. Even if you don't appreciate everything your partner chooses, you will love the rest! Added bonus: this strategy may just help your decor improve as well. Think about the most interesting homes you've seen. None of them stick to one style; they're a layered mix of interesting pieces and styles. Win win!

Determine your dealbreakers

If there are just one or two sticking points between you, consider giving each person the ability to veto a thing or two that they just can't get on board with. But remember, BOTH of you get veto power so use it wisely.

Get inspired together

This is a fun idea because not only will you get to spend some time together (date night!) doing something inspiring — vintage shop, art museum or even perusing a blog like (ahem) this one — you will be more likely to agree on a style if you're both getting inspired in the same place.

Leave some big decisions for later

If you're finding yourself arguing over every little thing, it may be smart to put a hold on decorating for a while. There's a lot to consider when moving in, and many emotional and practical problems come up that have nothing to do with decorating. But if you're talking about decorating, you're probably gonna start fighting about that instead! So take a break from decisions about furniture for a while until you've settled into your life together a little more. You may find that your decorating disagreements magically sort themselves out.

Remember your person is more important than your things

You love this person and want to live with him or her even MORE than you don't want to display his collection of 90's-era Happy Meal toys or deal with her nail polish addiction. Getting some perspective about the important thing in your home (hint: it's people!) will not only help you decorate more peacefully, but will also help the rest of your living-together relationship.

Tell us, couples, how do you successfully decorate together?

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