The New Cubism: Portable Green Getaway by Les Roulottes de Campagne

French eco-tourism experts Louis and Nathalie Blanco of Les Roulottes de Campagne have pioneered a new concept in escapism. It’s called Carré d’étoiles (or, window on the stars), and it combines the freedom of a rented accommodation with sleek design and luxury hotel services in the smallest possible footprint.

According to the designers, “These holiday caravans offer an innovative type of accommodation which harmoniously combines bohemian charm with the highest standards of comfort.”

To call the layout an efficient use of space would be an understatement. The tiny, portable cube sleeps up to four people and is fully outfitted with all the modern conveniences you need: a compact kitchen, toilet, shower, cabin bed, sofa bed, parquet floors, garden furniture, black out blinds, a bio-ethanol chimney, a flat screen TV, and telephone, mp3 player, and internet hook-ups. In addition to providing basic hotel amenities such as bedding, towels, and beauty products, you can also order a la carte services like breakfast and housekeeping.

Best of all, each cube comes with a sky observation kit replete with refracting telescope, stellar chart, and astronomy games, so you can spend your evenings star gazing beneath the cube’s transparent dome.

Currently available throughout France for 93 Euros/night, Carré d’étoiles is scheduled to hit the U.S. sometime this year! Check their site for landings.

Images: Les Roulottes de Campagne