The New Desktop Computer Before it Becomes Obsolete

The New Desktop Computer Before it Becomes Obsolete

Range Govindan
Feb 6, 2009

Does anyone still buy desktops? I've been asking myself this question. In an age where most computer programmers are starting to work off laptops, is the era of the desktop finally over? I don't know, but except for all-in-one solutions like the Apple iMac and the HP Touchsmart, I'm pretty sure that desktop PCs sales are crashing. Laptops are in. They are convenient, small and portable. You can sit down in a coffee shop and work, or even in your bed or on your sofa, lounging about. The same can't be said for a desktop.

The HP LiM concept, which stands for Less is More, features a 19" transparent OLED touchscreen with a wireless keyboard. The keyboard isn't really the impressive part. What is interesting is the form factor and the screen, obviously. The casing is made out of bamboo, which acts as an effective heat diffuser. With computers quickly shrinking in sizes, it's easy to see why people are buying less desktops. Desktops aren't portable, and most of us like to have computers with out when we are going around town.

The LiM concept was designed by Jeffrey S. Engelhardt. His design also uses a virtual trackpad. I don't know if desktop computers are relevant anymore. I bought my last desktop in 2006. We still have one at home, but I find that it's just more convenient to use my laptop wherever I go. Students tend to use laptops almost exclusively, as well as most people who deal with computers on a day to day basis. The same is true in the IT field. Programmers and network admins no longer need their giant towers. They can just remotely log onto their servers, via a laptop. Still this concept is interesting. Time will only tell if the desktop computer will be relevant in a few years. [via Yanko Design]

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