The New Kitchen Trend That Made This Dramatic Lighting Look Possible

The New Kitchen Trend That Made This Dramatic Lighting Look Possible

Taryn Williford
Dec 10, 2015
(Image credit: Anna Kern)

For better or for worse, interior designers and homeowners are cutting out their kitchen cabinets. Whether you think the trend of removing upper cabinets is a storage nightmare or an open-plan daydream, you have to admit it's inspiring to see designers re-think such a delimited space. It can give way to totally new looks, like this lighting solution that is not only beautiful but also surprisingly efficient.

Pendant lighting in the kitchen is nothing new; you'd be hard-pressed to find an island or peninsula without a light fixture dangling just above. But I've recently spotted a shift to add pendants directly above the primary kitchen counter, too. Without upper cabinets in the way, there's plenty of airspace to add a dramatic fixture. And it turns out it's kind of a two-birds, one-stone solution to your kitchen lighting plan.

(Image credit: Fred Heiberg)

Why Pendant Lights in the Kitchen Solve All Your Lighting Problems

First, a little refresher. Kitchens need three types of light: general, task and accent lighting. General lighting illuminates the kitchen overall, task lighting is low and close in order to light up the counter workspace, and accent lighting serves as the final layer to add style and mood to the room.

Pendant lights above kitchen counters can take care of all three of those uses. When they're installed low enough to the counter height, they're masterful task lighting. If they're bright and open (maybe with exposed bulbs?) they can certainly illuminate the general room. And if you need a moody accent? Puh-leese. They're perfect.

What do you think of this look? Have you embraced the no-uppers trend?

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