The Next 5 Power Tools to Add to Your Tool Box

Last year, we prepared a list of the first five power tools that every homeowner—or ambitious apartment dweller—should add to their tool box. But if you’ve already stocked up on those essentials (check out the list here to see what made our first cut), we’ve got a few more suggestions for power tools to add to this year’s wish list.

These tools aren’t exactly the basics, but they’re the next tier of useful tools that will prove their worth in your home projects.

1. Power Sander
One reader suggested that this should have made our first list, and we can’t say we completely disagree. A power sander is super-versatile and can help you clean up rough edges on building projects, prep surfaces for painting or take a little bit off a door that sticks.

2. Rotary Tool
A rotary tool, and all of it’s multi-functional attachments, is a great addition to any workbench. It’s one tool can cut, carve, sand and polish. Plus, it’s great to have a tool that can tackle tiny projects at home that a circular saw or belt sander is too clumsy to do.

3. Nail Gun
Sure, you could use a hammer, but a nail gun can get the work done in a fraction of the time. Plus, the quick blow from a nail gun is way easier on your walls than five or six hits with a hammer. And for us aethetites? Well, the nails from a nail gun have smaller heads and leave smaller holes.

4. Power Paint Sprayer or Roller
Sucker for color? You already know paint is the cheapest way to transform a room, but you can save yourself time by investing in a power paint sprayer or roller. Choose the best one for you: A sprayer is best for multi-textured surfaces (like a wall with lots of detail or a fence), while a roller does its best work on a large, flat surface (like drywall).

5. Soldering Iron
Even if you’re not into electronics or sculpting metal sculptures, a soldering iron can help with plenty of household tasks. Repair small bits of plastic by melting them together, like a crack in a plastic pot, bowl, trash bin or DVD case.
Plus, you’ll be fully equipped to tackle small leaks in your plumbing.