The Next Animal for Your Home: The Octopus

Over the last few years, decor has been inundated with a vast menagerie of animal themed items for the home. We’ve featured owls, hippos, rabbits, pigs and giraffes, but now it seems the newest trend is moving under the sea.

Will’s flawless nightstand makeover reminded us how intriguing octopi can be (and how long it’s been since we read Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). Unlike some of its four-legged land dwelling friends, this cephalopod seems to be capable of bringing either an air of graphic sophistication or animated whimsy to your home.

1. Wicked Octopus (2nd Edition), part of the Deep Blue Sea Woodcut Series by tugboatprintshop, Etsy, $45

2. Octopus Pillow by Thomas Paul,

3. Scuba Man Limited Edition Print by Matte Stephens of matteart, Etsy, $35

4. Octopus Garden Wallpaper by Grow House Grow,

5. Octopus Accident Pillow by Wonder Thunder, Velocity Art & Design

(And just in case you were curious, per wikipedia there are actually three correct ways to form the plural of octopus: octopuses, octopi and octopodes.)