The No-Fail 2-Step Process for Mixing Different Furniture Styles

The No-Fail 2-Step Process for Mixing Different Furniture Styles

Adrienne Breaux
Sep 11, 2015

Want to mix a mid-century credenza and an antique arm chair? Or a French country-style dining table with sleek modern chairs? Mixing furniture styles isn't exactly rocket science, but it can go wrong if you're not careful with your mixing. Here's a quick two-step process to use anytime you're considering mixing two (or more!) furniture styles in the same space.

Are these the only ways in which you can marry two pieces of furniture that are of different styles? Nope. But they are ways that won't ever let you down when you're in a mixing mood.

1. Check their scale and proportion

It's not that you can't successfully mix and match different sizes of furniture in one room, it's just that when you start trying to mix and match two pieces of furniture with wildly different sizes that are also two wildly different styles that you might run into some visual issues. Shock the senses in only one way, you know? Two elements in two different styles do not have to be the exact same size physically, but their sizes should be proportional, even more so than if you were mixing different sized pieces of a similar style. So if you want to mix a dining table and chairs of two distinct styles, make sure the chairs fit the table proportionally. If you want to add an antique bench or trunk to the end of your ultra modern bed, don't make it too small and don't make it too big.

2. Connect them visually in some way

Upholster two different styled chairs in the same fabric. Use the same detail of color in each. Mimic an overall shape. Or a texture. Use materials that are earthy. Use the same pattern on throw pillows. There are a lot of different ways you can repeat a design detail on two different pieces of furniture. And when you do that to two different pieces of furniture, you connect them in a visual way that will make them seem like they go together. This can help bring cohesiveness not just to the two pieces but to the entire room they live in.

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