The "No Newspaper Necessary" Move

The "No Newspaper Necessary" Move

Abby Stone
Aug 6, 2010

After we unpacked from our last move, we were left with a stack of crumpled newspaper, blackened hands and permanent smudges on our grandmother's unfinished bisque figurine. But what's the alternative? Then we thought of something we could use the next time we move that made a lot more sense!

Instead of using newspaper to cushion our dishes and glasses (which go in the kitchen boxes we've learned to unpack first), we'll use our bath and kitchen towels, washcloths, clean rags, our first week's worth of soft clothes and garbage bags. That way, we'll not only softly cushion our breakables, we'll be able to put the towels straight into our new bathroom where they'll be ready for using after the shower we'll be taking that evening, the rags will be easy to locate so we can dust off shelves and cabinets before putting our stuff away, and if all we get to is the kitchen that first day, we'll have some clothes to change into.

And the garbage bags? Come to think of it, we may not have any use for them if pack this way—we won't have a mound of old newspapers to move to the recycling!

(Image: quinn.anya's Flickr, with a Creative Commons License, some rights reserved)

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