The (Not Very Satisfying) Reason Your Cat Keeps Knocking Stuff Off of Surfaces

The (Not Very Satisfying) Reason Your Cat Keeps Knocking Stuff Off of Surfaces

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 6, 2016

Do you have an adorable-yet-devious sometimes-(not really)-jerk cat? You know, the kind that sleeps curled up very sweetly but also wields its paws to demolish your stuff by knocking absolutely anything off of any ledge? Science might finally know the answer as to why Fluffy is making your stuff fly.

According to an article on ThriveWire, An Expert Explains Why Cats Are Always Knocking Over Your Stuff (worth clicking on for the embeded YouTube video of a cat knocking things over like a pro), cats are either trying to get your attention to alert you of their (seemingly constant, always urgent) hunger, or they're just practicing their pawing maneuvers in the unlikely event a predator that needs vanquishing makes it into your living room.

The article doesn't give any solutions on how to get your cat to stop knocking stuff over (though maybe feeding it more often might help?) so if you happen to be the owner of a cat who likes staring at you while slowly sliding something breakable off of a shelf, you might just want to adjust your living environment to include less breakable objects up high.

And this The Oatmeal comic isn't helpful for this issue but is very funny.

→ I'm lucky that my cat Angus only seems interested in knocking off pen caps from my desk (though he's a frequent laptop and mouse sit-on-so-she-can't-use advocate). Do you have a darling but sneaky cat friend who likes knocking things over at home with its paws? Share your woes or any solutions you've found in the comments below!

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