The OfficePod: Moving Your Work to the Garden

Now this is the kind of home office we’d like. The OfficePOD (based out of the UK) is a tiny garden office leased by companies to reduce the travel time and occupancy costs of their employees.

OfficePod works with you ahead of time to ensure that all your specifications for work (electrical set-up, internet, phone, fax, etc) are set up. The Pod is also made with recycled and recyclable products and natural materials wherever possible, and has serious insulation properties and an innovative cooling system.

The OfficePod was “born out of frustration,” according to its website, with the inefficiencies of working from home—You want to work at home but you can’t find an easy solution and/or you need an area to work but this might mean giving up valuable space or spending money. So, the OfficePod gives you:

  • A place to work separate from the house
  • A place where you want to go to and work
  • Of the highest quality design and finishes throughout
  • Of a size that doesn’t dominate even a small garden
  • Full management of the whole process from survey through to installation and customer help-desk, as well as relocation of the POD in the case of moving home.
  • Space that is contemporary in look and feel

Its size is compact (2.1m x 2.1m) and the price starts at £14,950 (about $22,832, which might seem like a lot, but it’s probably not if a large company is leasing it and saving money in other areas).

Read more about it here.