The One Thing Every WFH Space Needs, According to a Pro Organizer

published Sep 3, 2021
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When I’m scrambling to meet a writing deadline, the condition of my work environment almost always takes a backseat to the work itself. As long as I get everything done, I figure, who cares how messy my home office or my desk look?

Do you do this, too? If the answer is yes, you may be missing an opportunity to work more efficiently by focusing more on your work than , according to New York-based pro organizer Caroline Solomon.

“Especially at home, where distractions can get the best of your productivity, it’s super important to keep your work-from-home space as decluttered as possible,” says Solomon.

The Easiest Way to Declutter Your WFH Space (and Be More Productive)

One of the most common (and surprisingly high-impact) sources of visual clutter? That tangled mess of cables and cords hanging out on or around your desk.

Not only is that mess of cords from your computer, phone, mouse, and keyboard a total eyesore, but figuring out which cord goes where (and working around the mess) can also quickly zap your productivity. Plus, tangled cords easily bend and fray, which can affect how well they work over time and ultimately cost you money.

Solomon’s super simple solution for all those problems is to corral all your cords with a basic cord organizer. In particular, she recommends this inexpensive yet elegant-looking organizer from Amazon.

For $8 you get three different cord wranglers, with slots for 3, 5, and 7 cords in place. Each organizer also comes equipped with an adhesive pad to adhere to your desk or the wall. The result? Your WFH space will look way more organized — and you’ll be more productive, too. Win, win.