A New Spin on Cooking

A New Spin on Cooking

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 17, 2010

This makes us think of one of those old Hollywood mansions where, James Bond leans on the bookshelf just so, revealing a secret flip out bar. While we're not sure if the Original Circle Kitchen would bring instant debauchery to the house, we at least think Jacques Tati and Inspector Jacques Clouseau would find the intricacies of this revolving kitchen flabbergasting.

This high-tech lazy Susan kitchen fits all you need -- fridge, dishwasher, stove, microwave, sink -- within six square feet. There's also 12 cupboards worth of storage capacity and a countertop that totals 10 feet. While the Original Circle Kitchen concept can act as a standalone kitchen (as long as the appropriate electrical and plumbing fixins are plugged in) it can also be tucked into a hollow wall, so that only one half of the circular cooking space is available at a time.

We could see this being an interesting concept to adopt in college dorms. Our idea would be to use the kitchen as a room divider, so multiple people could access to a kitchen, while still having their own "apartments." There would just have to be some sort of locking mechanism while the kitchen was in use so no one lost their countertop (and possibly more) mid slice.

via Tiny House Blog

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