The Other-Worldly Beauty of Resin Tableware & Accessories

The Other-Worldly Beauty of Resin Tableware & Accessories

Catrin Morris
Apr 21, 2011

Resin is a material that sounds cold and industrial and even toxic. Like something sinister stored out in the tool shed. But in the hands of a number of designers worldwide, resin has been transformed into something almost other-worldly and magical.

From vases to salad servers, trays to sugar bowls, these resin accessories glow with a romantic and ethereal translucence. While some pieces are reminiscent of bones or organic artifacts, other pieces bring to mind popsicles, gummy bears and jelly beans. I am reminded in particular of those gummy treats that resemble little cola bottles!

The artists profiled here are just that: artists. Their products are carefully designed and hand-crafted. As a result, they are not cheap. But you get what you pay for. These resin delights are both elegant and whimsical. And they take on different hues and tones as the light in your home changes throughout the day. These pieces are food-safe and usually dishwasher safe. They are remarkably durable but as with anything that costs this much and looks this beautiful, you would be wise to handle with care.

Dinosaur Designs
In the mid-80s, three young Australian designers began experimenting with clear polyester resin, a material more commonly used in industrial applications. And so Dinosaur Designs was born. First, a prototype object is modeled by hand using a kind of plasticine. A mold is then created and the object is finally cast in resin.

Tina Frey
San Francisco-based designer Tina Frey molds her resin accessories from a clear resin material. She first sculpts her designs in clay, and then creates a unique mold by hand. The final result is a resin piece that is carefully sanded. Frey's designs, shown in images 3 and 4, can be viewed at Tina Frey Designs and are available at a number or retailers including the SFMoMA store and Aldea Home.

Martha Sturdy
The Vancouver-based artist is known for her furniture and home accessories, as well as her exquisite resin pieces.

Images: 1&2: Dinosaur Designs; 3&4: Tina Frey Designs; 5: Martha Sturdy

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