Otterbox HTC Incredible Commuter Case

Otterbox HTC Incredible Commuter Case

Sonia Zjawinski
Nov 1, 2010

Product: Otterbox Commuter Series
Price: $35
Rating: Recommend*

Bringing home a new gadget is like bringing home a newborn baby. The fear of breaking your new toy can overtake your life. For the first few weeks no one can touch it but you, and when you finally do feel comfortable letting someone else play with your new gizmo you're frozen with fear over the thought that you'll never get it back looking or working the same.

A few months back we finally retired our Blackberry Curve and upgraded to the Droid Incredible. When it arrived in the post, we gingerly opened up the box, pulled it out and then got too scared to remove the anti-scratch stickers from its screen and body. Attempting to open it in order to place its Corvette red battery left our palms sweaty and my fingers shaking. We knew right away that the only way we were going to feel comfortable leaving the house with this beauty was if we could protect it with some serious armor.

Unfortunately, if you don't opt for an iPhone your mobile accessories are somewhat limited. Yes, there's still plenty out there, but you just don't have as many fun options. Most Droid Incredible cases are generic in their stylings (no limited edition, country specific series to snatch up or unusual materials to play with).

Once you come to terms that you won't be making any fashion statements with an Incredible case, there still are a ton of options. After reading forum after forum of Droid Incredible users who had dropped their phones only to have their screen splinter (our brother-in-law included) we knew that rare fabrics weren't going to keep our baby safe. We needed something seriously tough.

Many forum users recommended OtterBox for their Motorola Droids, so we decided to check out what the company had to offer for the Incredible. While the options are limited – two cases – they are made with paranoids in mind. OtterBox was kind enough to send over a Commuter model for us to test out.

The Commuter comes with three parts – a self-adhesive clear screen protector, a silicone skin, and a polycarbonate outer shell. The silicone skin features small flaps that plug up open ports like the audio jack and USB plug. This keeps dust, dirt, and, in our case, beach sand from entering these fragile ports and causing ruckus the next time you plug in. The silicone sleeve also covers volume and power buttons, but includes raised nubs in these areas which allow you to still use them as you normally would.

The silicone skin is super easy to slip over your phone, as is the polycarbonate outer case. The latter pops over the back half of your phone, allowing the silicone button nubs to peek through openings within the case. A small lip created by both the sleeve and case on the front side of the phone protect it should it fall face first into the ground.

The only problem we have is that the outer case hides all of the interesting angles and design features the Incredible features on its backside, including the red metal border that surrounds the phone's camera lens. We suppose that's a small price to pay to keep your phone from breaking to pieces, but we wish the case offered something more interesting to look at than a flat black back.

The adhesive protective screen is a little tricky to align as well, but we suppose most any protective film is. Since using the Otterbox Commuter case, our little phone has stayed intact even after falling countless times off the couch armrest, being pushed off our desk by one of our cats (Pookie!), slipping out of our sweatshirt pocket, and even tumbling out of the car onto hard pavement. It's given us so much confidence that whenever it does fall, we just shrug and pick it up.

Pros: Truly keeps the Incredible protected from unexpected falls, as well as rough housing that can happen within purses and carry ons.

Cons: Hides many of the Incredible's design elements that make it so beautiful. Only offered in black. A little pricey, but when compared to replacing a phone, well worth the investment.

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