The Owner: 212 Snobs Take Note

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Bulletin to Manhattanites: I have been to Brooklyn and seen the light.

230 Jay Street was my third stop on The Average NYC Nest Quest ($320K), and my first outside of Manhattan. What a difference a couple of extra stops on the C train makes!

The apartment’s entry-foyer (a foyer!) easily passed my favorite test for true space livability: can I comfortably do a cart-wheel without hitting a wall or table? Besides the ample space (770 square feet, folks!), I had to stop myself from baking cookies, so inviting was the almost-suburban kitchen…

There were so many windows, I practically got a tan.

The quandary: at this price, and knowing how accessible the apartment is to Manhattan, I asked myself, “Did you buy in Manhattan for the convenience, or for 212 area code bragging rights?”