The Paperless Home, explained

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
High quality image: see NYTimes article linked below If you were a bit stumped by our post yesterday on
the paperless home, check out this New York Times Article titled “Pushing Paper Out the Door.”

We’re a bit confused by a few of the arguments made in the article, like the claim that people print long emails because the company pays for paper and ink. (Sure, but it’s also a lot easier to read and take notes on actual paper.) But the ability to eliminate clutter at home?

That’s priceless. But the problem here, as the article, and commenters over at Treehugger point out, is that all the gizmos we’re plugging in to relieve us of the paper use electricity, and we’re leaving more and more plugged in all the time.

So we’re looking forward to the analysis of what has a greater environmental impact: all the paper we won’t be using in the future, or all the power we’re using now. We’re just trying not to let it get in the way of that gleeful feeling we get every time we get rid of another stack of dusty, dog-eared paper.