The Party Need Not Stop: Continuing Wintry Festivities in The New Year

The Party Need Not Stop: Continuing Wintry Festivities in The New Year

Tess Wilson
Jan 4, 2013

Perhaps I'm just defensive because my birthday falls at the end of January, but I see no reason why all the winter celebrations should suddenly cease after the new year. After all, when the holidays end, winter itself has barely begun: there is so much more winter to get through! Now's the time for all the parties and fun we didn't have time, money, and energy for in jam-packed December…

My group of friends dearly wanted to get together for a gingerbread house-making party, but in December our schedules were full of making gifts and decorations, shopping for gifts, traveling to see family, working extra shifts, and so much more. But now! Now January has arrived, we're all back in town and back to our regular schedules, and I think a gingerbread house birthday party sounds perfect. (Here's a how-to from Martha Stewart if you'd like to get in on the fun.) Back in snowy Chicago I would sometimes have sledding birthday parties, but the San Francisco rain and fog doesn't encourage the same sort of frolicking. Gingerbread houses in January it is!

And there are so many more fun things to do that we might not have gotten around to in December. I made a silvery swag to hang over my door and am thinking of making quince preserves or grapefruit marmalade to give as post-holiday gifts. Some friends suggested heading to Pika-Pika, the Japanese photo booth wonderland, to take holiday photos for cards. Sadly, our schedules were too crowded in December, but now we can go and take New Year's photos, or make Valentine's Day cards á la Julia Child! Even better. You know I'm in favor of sending insanely late cards.

What other winter fun were you unable to get to in the holiday rush? Making a bûche du noël? Having your friends over for gossip and glögg? Watching Better Off Dead? Making garland? Always remember: it's never too late for garland.

(Image: Martha Stewart)

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