The Perfect Home Laptop Setup

The Perfect Home Laptop Setup

Gregory Han
Dec 31, 2009

This is final installment in a series of special cross posts between Unplggd and focusing on the topics and technologies leading up to the 2010 CES show:

Just a few years ago I held the conviction that the desktops were the only serious choice for getting work done, discounting laptops mostly for the spreadsheet business traveler demographic or for the soy latte drinking casual crowd whom I'd regularly see leeching free wi-fi spots while working on screenplays and Sudoku at the nearby coffee shops. It was a bias born out of years of working on desktop workstations for graphic design work, where power, upgrade options and expandability were paramount and desktops were the weapon of choice. But ever since the death of my hefty aluminum clad desktop awhile back (autopsy revealed power source failure) and a migration over to a 15" laptop just a little over a year ago, I've learned to love the flexibility of using a laptop on a daily basis. New portables are no longer the compromise they once were, and the discrepancy between the laptop and desktop experience has narrowed enough where I don't pine for the expandability of a desktop rig. I've seen the light...with a few tweaks

There are some changes to consider when moving from a set desktop experience to that of a laptop, mostly in regards to ergonomics and also accessories which help in making the laptop experience a better one on a day to day basis.

First off, do yourself a favor and get yourself a laptop stand for home use; there's nothing worse that spending more than a few minutes typing hunched over a keyboard; unless you find yourself at the shorter spectrum of height, hunching over will eventually result in chronic pains. A laptop stand helps bring your eyes in line with the screen, relaxing shoulders and neck at neutral position which will allow you to browse online, WOW, or even occasionally, work, at longer stretches.

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