The Pixelated Home Theater: How To Transform a White Room into a Centerpiece Room

The Pixelated Home Theater: How To Transform a White Room into a Centerpiece Room

Range Govindan
Oct 21, 2008

Putting together a home theater room isn't always as easy as it first seems. Most people just mix and match, but whenever you move or get a new place, you've got the opportunity of putting together a room with a purpose. We thought that using a 'pixel' theme would be most appropriate for a funky home theater room. The feel of this room is young and fresh, and it would fit well in a multitude of homes, from a sleek and modern home, to a more homely house, and to an apartment with roommates. This room does well in different settings. To set off and put an accent on the Pixel Sofa, we suggest that you use a very light color as wall paint. That would put the focus on the centerpiece of the room, which is naturally the Pixel Sofa.

We chose to use the new Sharp Aquos DX series of LCD HDTVs, since they integrate a Blu-Ray recorder/player into the TV itself, cutting down on cables and keeping things tidy. To this setup, you could probably add a small computer to stream your videos and moves off your wireless network. We suggest something like this Shuttle PC, which does the job nicely and doesn't cost much. Alternatively, you could also hook up your Xbox 360 and use its media streaming capabilities, which are quite fun. The Xbox 360 can also be hooked up wirelessly to your home network.

The Pixel Sofa
The centerpiece of any home theater room is the sofa. To that end, to keep with the theme of pixels, we present the Pixel Sofa by Spanish print designer Cristian Zuzunaga, who was recently featured in the Wallpaper magazine. Zuzunaga has made a name for himself with his pixel textile creations. This sofa will be produced by the Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and sold through Moroso. [via CribCandy]

Sharp Aquos DX Series HDTVs
To reduce clutter in a big way, we opted to use an LCD HDTV from the Sharp Aquos DX series. They come with an integrated Blu-Ray recorder/player. No fuss, no muss. There are a good variety of sizes available, from 26" to 52". You'll find one that suits your budget.

The Patchwork Book Box
The Patchwork Book Box is designed by Amy Hunting and is made by a patchwork of different wood that was found all over Denmark. The wood is from factory waste, so these pieces of furniture are actually made from recycled material. She assembled those pieces into furniture. We think that the Patchwork Book Box would serve perfectly as a side table or a coffetable,while still being able to hold books. [via Hello Bauldoff]

Space Intruderz lamp
Home theaters don't need too much lighting, which is why the Space Intruderz lamps will be perfect for it. You'll need a few placed around in a few key spots. Space Intruderz were designed by Yensen Páez and Chilean design shop Unison Idea Studio, and are available for about $48 each. These cheeky little lamps pay homage to the Space Invaders game.[via MocoLoco]

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