The Playlist Player is Retro to the Future

The Playlist Player is Retro to the Future

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 29, 2010

It's not uncommon for us to see retro pieces receiving little an updated touch around here, but if there's anything about vintage, it's always better with a new technology twist. So you can understand our astonishment when we first heard about Martin Skelly's glowy, expensive-looking player that behaves like a vinyl player, but actually creates physical playlists via our digital libraries.

The Playlist Player takes digital music away from the dusty old PC in the study and positions it as a sexy consumer piece for those who are into that whole "hi-fi" thing. The goal of the player is to add value to your music by assigning the digital content a physical object, letting the user touch, treasure, drop, lose, or spill beer on their playlists. Much like traditional music collections of vinyl records, tapes or CDs, it attempts to make your music real again.

Here's how it works:

There are two parts to the design: the player, and the record box containing five different coloured covers. Once the playlists are chosen and synced to the player with a memory stick, the user customizes the outside of the sleeve with artwork of their choice. It could be photos of a memorable night or person or typed and hand drawn tracklists. Once the record is placed on the player, the music begins and the outer ring of lights illuminates. As the playlists plays rings of light visible through the translucent record move towards the center of the disc, like a needle tracking on a record. These lights represent time and not the number of tracks, meaning your music must be enjoyed from start to finish with no distractions like the temptation to skip tracks, fast forward or rewind.

Pretty cool, eh? Might be a bit much for those who aren't familiar with vinyl, but we can certainly understand what Martin Skelly was getting at.

You can request a quote on the Playlist Player via Martin Skelly's website.

[Via Gizmodo]

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