The Poor Man’s Notebook: Touchscreen, Portable, Powerful and Highly Protected

click for more pics With components for laptops, desktops and netbooks getting more minute in size and price, the opportunity to integrate a computer into various storage “cases” has expanded into just about every realm of form. Check out how tech DIY pro Daniel Spalding, fulfilled his desire to fit the power of a desktop inside a pelican case…a sort of Spy vs Spy meets steam punk sort of deal.

Spalding system features a Pentium Dual Core E5200 operating at 2.5 GHz with 4GB of DDR2 memory, a GeForce 7100 graphics card, a solid state 64GB hard drive, an 8″ touch screen LCD, Netgear WG111 802.11G/Bluetooth 2.1-EDR, 2 USB ports, SATA port and a molex power connector, all fit inside a handy-dandy carrying case.

The company I work for, Silicon Forensics sells a forensic computer system that is built inside a full size pelican case. That gave me the idea for the first case computer I built which I called the Poor Mans Netbook even though it ended up costing quiet a bit more than a netbook to build ~_~. After people constantly commented on how bulky and under powered it was, I decided on working on a smaller, faster and better built system that could actually be useful for something. I was able to get a much smaller case of the same brand as the last one that I could fit a mini-itx mobo in and the process began.

Daniel is working on refining the bezel around the screen, but we’re impressed nonetheless. Many more photos of Daniel’s “POOR MANS NOTEBOOK” here.

[via Engadget]