The Power Of Distraction, Part II: Hiding TVs In Plain View

While I love watching movies, I will never love the look of a TV, but I love the idea of a bulky media cabinet even less…so what’s a flick-obsessed aesthete to do? Well,Kyle’s post on her TV curtain got me thinking about subtler ways to distract the eye from these mammoth eyesores. Here are some tips.

• 1., 6-8. On a bookshelf. In the first image, the rustic nature of the bookcase and collection of antique objects and pictures above it distract the eye from the large box in the middle, much more so than if the TV had been mounted to that same wall by itself. Bradley Bradley Thiergartner Interiors’s bedroom (picture 8) at the Hampton Showhouse, as photographed by the lovely Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic, has a similar effect. However, a TV can also fit seamlessly into built-ins as well. In Anna Spiro’s, of Absolutely Beautiful Things, gorgeous home books and collections in surrounding compartments take the focus away form the TV (picture 6). Going a step further, former Apartment Therapy: San Fransisco blogger, Elizabeth helped a client work a TV into a bookcase by painting the compartment a deep navy blue (picture 7).
• 2.-4. Incorporated into a salon style picture arrangement. The first time I saw this successfully employed was in Stefan’s eclectic studio (picture 2), and it was so effective visually that now I employ it in nearly every home I help to decorate. Surrounded by pieces of art with similar shape or size frames, the TV blends into the background rather than dominating the wall.
•5. On an easel. Now this look is fairly common with stores such as Target and Restoration Hardware carrying easels made specifically for this purpose. Still, despite it’s wide spread use, it is still full of charm, especially when used in an eclectic setting such as Newell Turner’s Catskills living room above (picture 5).
• 9., 10.Surrounded by objects of a similar hue. I think Tim Neve’s room (picture 9) is especially effective, as the white TV blends with the other white objects for a unified, casual display.

What other tips do you have for blending your TV into your decor?

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