The Pros and Cons of Adding a Second Dishwasher

The Pros and Cons of Adding a Second Dishwasher

Taryn Williford
Feb 4, 2011

I have a dream that I will one day be able to live in a kitchen where I will not be held back by my appliances, but by the content of my cooking skills. I have a dream that one day my kitchen, a room often covered in dirty dishes, will be transformed into an oasis of clean counter tops. I have a dream that one day, I'll live in a two-dishwasher household, and here's why.

The two-monitor workspace is tops for gaming geeks, just like the two-oven kitchen has long been the holy grail for home cooks.

But in the interest of a cleaner, better-looking home, we think serious chefs aught to consider adding a second dishwasher to their space. We've weighed out the pros and cons:


  • Easy cleanup for big cooking projects, especially anyone who dirties tons of tiny dishes in the name of mise en place.

  • A sure place to stash away any dirty dishes prepping for a big party—exactly when you don't want your open-plan kitchen looking unkempt.

  • Provides extra storage. You can effectively always keep one dishwasher stocked with clean dishes as you fill up the other one with dirties.

  • It's an aid for families who keep Kosher: Use one dishwasher for meat-and-dairy plates, and keep one dishwasher Kosher.

  • Dishwashers come in many sizes (including compact and portable 18-inch models), so you can find one that works in your space. One-and-a-half dishwashers are better than one.


  • It's expensive! Adding a second dishwasher could cost you anywhere from $250 to $2500, plus labor for tapping into the water supply.

  • Doing more dishes means using more water—and paying more in utilities.

  • You have to sacrifice at least kitchen cabinet to fit even the most compact dishwasher.

Can you think of any other reasons for/against a second dishwasher? Is there any household appliance you'd like to double up on? Tell us in the comments!

(Images: Mark and Jackie Day, Maytag)

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