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The Pros of Living in a Studio Apartment

published Oct 30, 2008
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We talk a lot about the subject of how to decorate studio apartments here on AT. Oftentimes, we give tips on how to make up for the fact that you are living in such a small space. But rather than view your teeny space as something negative that you have to design around, why not celebrate the studio! In these tough economic times, thinning down your stuff and your space is a good thing, and we’ve gathered just a few of the pros of living in a studio apartment…

If you already live in a studio, read these pros with pride. If you’ve been thinking about downsizing your living space, then take these pros as proof that your move doesn’t have to be a negative one! Some of these might be ideas you are familiar with, and some might be new. Whatever the case, we of course want to hear your favorite things about living in a studio!

  • Saves money Studio apartments are usually the most affordable units you can find. Before you sign a lease on that one or two bedroom, ask yourself if it wouldn’t be worth it to live a little tightly if you can save money every month!
  • Get to live in cooler parts of the city Saving money and choosing a studio means you might actually be able to afford living in the hip parts of town and be within walking or biking distance of your workplace and fun restaurants and local businesses.
  • Everything is located in the same room you’re in You know how annoying it is when you sit down to watch your favorite t.v. show but then realize you left your drink in the other room? With a studio you won’t have to walk across an entire house or apartment to find something you’ve forgotten, you can usually just reach over and grab it!
  • Forces you to choose what you love While we all love stuff, with a studio apartment you have to only choose what you really love; nothing else will fit! This will help you create a fabulous and compact design, without anything extra!
  • No room for guests If you want your friends to come stay with you, it’s a negative to live in a studio apartment. Of course, living in one room without a guest bedroom can come in handy in thwarting any unwanted guests that might want to come for extended stays with you. It’s the ultimate excuse!
  • Not as much space to clean Every cleaning task, from dishes, to sweeping, to vacuuming and even laundry is all diminished due to your living space being physically smaller and having less room to keep clothes!
  • Multi-tasking is a breeze With everything in one room and within reach, cooking, cleaning, paying bills and even watching the evening news can all be done without having to switch rooms!
  • No room to be a furniture junkie Okay, this sort of seems like a negative, but only having one room means you won’t be able to spend money on every piece of furniture you see that you love, which in the long run will save you lots of money. Don’t worry, you can still collect things, just make sure they’re on the small scale!

So let’s us know: Do you live in a studio, how big is it, how long have you lived there and why do you love living in a studio?