The Realization that You Really Do Need a Toaster

The Realization that You Really Do Need a Toaster

Taryn Williford
Mar 4, 2010

I always burn the toast. On the first few dates with my now-boyfriend, I tried to cook for him—but every meal came to the table without toasted bread. I didn't own a toaster, so I (inefficiently) used my oven to toast bread, which meant that I often (always) burnt the toast. The prince charming that he was, he dragged me to Target and bought me a toaster. Even though technology is so helpful, do you ever have moments like I did where you put off a new purchase until you absolutely need it?

So, yes, I bought (well, had bought for me) a toaster and now I'm proud to say that I can cook meals without stinking up the house and it takes me twice as long to go through a loaf of bread! My boyfriend, my grocery receipt and my electric bill thank me.

This phenomenon, which we're going to officially name now as too-broke-or-lazy-to-admit-you-need-tech-help or TBOLTAYNTH, is not just limited to toasters. You can put off purchasing virtually any piece of home tech until somebody slaps you in the face and makes you realize you need it.

Did you put off your much needed rabbit-eared TV upgrade until the switch to digital TV? What about finally getting out to buy a blender after you finally cut yourself trying to chop nuts down to a dice? Let us know in the comments!

(Image: Flickr user mattallworth under license from Creative Commons.)

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