DIY Replay Arcade Brings Back Memories of Coin-Up Entertainment

DIY Replay Arcade Brings Back Memories of Coin-Up Entertainment

Gregory Han
Aug 21, 2012

UK designer Tom Goodfellow's custom modern interpretation of an arcade coin-up cabinet makes me pine for the days of wandering the darkened mazes of gaming past, illuminated by the glow of arcade cabinets and the air filled with the cacophony of beeps, blips, and 8-bit soundtracks. Tom's machine captures the spirit of the 80's machines, right down to the proper buttons and joysticks (controls mostly gone from the modern gamer's repertoire), complete with a selection of built-in 60 titles, including Ms Pac-Man, Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders...

The stripe graphics are painted on and under the clear gloss lacquer, they are not vinyl stickers. I will post up some photos showing the making of the cabinet in more detail soon.

Games - The arcade cabinet is wired to the Jamma standard, so you can plug in a typical arcade game board, as long as it uses a screen in the vertical position. You could also put a PC inside and run MAME quite easily. If somebody purchases the arcade cabinet they can have a complimentary 60-in-1 classics game board to use in it if they wish to. Please contact me for the full list of games.

Coin mechanism - This does work and can be set to take coins and give however many credits. There is also a coin box inside for the coins to drop in to. Otherwise the machine can be set to freeplay mode.

More information (and how to order your own) with additional photos available at Tom's Tumblr page

(Via NotCot)

(Photos: Owen Richards)

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